Let Food Bring Us Together

After a few years of experimenting, Kerry pushed him to start making cider professionally and Raging Cider & Mead Company was born. One of the commitments Dave and Kerry have made is to only source apples, pears, honey, and other fruit from San Diego County in order to support the local farming community and to try and regrow the rich apple & pear orcharding traditions of the local San Diego mountains (in particular the Julian region). They have also committed to purchasing "ugly" and overproduced fruit to help local farmers derive a secondary income source from fruit that may have gone to waste and reintroducing traditionally made ciders (or heirloom ciders) to the American consumer by wild fermenting all their ciders on native yeast and using various techniques such as fermenting and aging on the lees in wine barrels in addition to various types of barrel aging.



Raging Cider & mead Co is a small family oriented business with their son Travis particularly involved in cellar work, harvesting, planting, and other orchard work. Travis's wife Lindsay runs local deliveries of their self-distributed ciders to bottle shops & restaurants/taphouses. Their daughter Sierra spends time assisting with harvest & planting and her husband Cody helps maintain and harvest the orchards. Their grandsons Silas & Deklan have been known to collect a bushel or two at times.

Established in 2010, Cueva Bar is a gem in the University Heights neighborhood. If you're searching for a small, neighborhood bar with an intimate setting, look no further. Where else in San Diego can you find the head chef and owner serving your food and giving you insight into how your meal was prepared? Only at Cueva Bar, where co-founder Oz, a beer and wine aficionado and frequent contestant on Food Network's Cutthroat Kitchen, built a tapas, wine, and beer menu that will satisfy any palate. Listed among the top 10 San Diego restaurants and named Best Empanadas by San Diego Magazine, Cueva Bar offers happy hour specials, gluten-free and vegan-friendly menu items, and a meticulously curated wine list, making the dining experience at Cueva Bar truly unique.

Our passion is in bringing people together with the help of shareable plates, friendly service, and an intimate setting!


"Have you ever walked into a San Diego top tapas place where it immediately felt like home? Or saw on yelp that it generally had a great rating and bookmarked the place to visit without knowing any further details .. and upon finally visiting felt appreciative that you agree with the general consensus of Yelp San Diego foodies- this place is great!  

It's a bit dim when you walk in and light music playing.  We came on a Thursday night at 8 and within a few minutes the place was packed -- and regulars at the bar had their favorite meals and drinks ordered right away.  

Specials on this evening were 2 different types of San Diego best empanadas. We tried one with Panela cheese, and their standard empanadas on the menu were so good as well (Brisket!!!) ! We also  tried the flatbread and the best tacos in all southern California , everything went so well with the sangrias. 

The most delicious and best Sangria in the world($9) was described to have cinnamon but I didn't really taste it. 

Customer service was great as well! We had a nice lady who ran the entire front of house the whole night."

"This is definitely a hidden gem of University Heights with the best tapas in San Diego. We drove in from Huntington Beach and were looking specifically for a tapas restaurant. How lucky we were to find this gem.
Everything about this place is perfect. The atmosphere, the service, the food, and the owner are what makes this place special.
We tried 5 tapas on the menu. Chicken Empanadas, Yellowtail over a sope, Stuffed cheese pepper, Dates stuffed with goat cheese and pecans, and Brisket and mole. They were all delicious! If we had to pick our top two favorites mine would be 1. The Stuffed Pepper (just wish it was bigger) and a tie between the Yellowtail and Stuffed Dates. My husbands would be 1. Yellowtail and 2. Chicken Empanada. We also ordered a bottle of Spanish wine that the owner suggested, again, absolutely perfect. We highly recommend The Cueva Bar. It is a must try. I guarantee you will fall in love with this place as much as we did"

TEL 619-269-6612

2123 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116



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