7 Ways to get Through Thursday


Thursdays are the pre-weekend for many so I came up with a list of things one can do to get through Thursday like Kelly Slater riding the waves of the ocean in Brasil.

1. So you woke up and already took care of your morning routine. Cool. What does that consist of? Shower, self-care, maybe meditation or some form of exercise, read or watched the news?

Either way, morning routines are something that makes us as who we are. Good or not soo good, depending on what studies "Say" we should do these days to take care of ourselves or be more efficient, or healthier. It does not matter. Each one of us follows a set of steps that get us ready to take on the day ahead. Add another human into the equation and now we might have a whole set of different morning todos.

2. Don't forget about the coffee or tea. I know some people add coffee in their morning musts, so what is your option of morning warm comfort drink? Maybe you don't drink anything warm and are ok with just a glass of delicious H2O. I personally like a glass of water first, then comes the coffee.

3. If you work in the morning being at work seems the most logical step at this time, right? So, coffee #2? How about the greetings to people around your office? Unless you're first at work then you're just getting started with emails and checking the day's calendar, meetings, etc. One thing I used to do when I worked the 1st shift at Cargill was to get coffee before I got to work, that way I'd go in saying hi to those in the hall before my office. I would greet Sandy who I shared the office with, then I'd go say hi to my HR manager and pre-discuss some aspects of the day. I'd go in quite early so I was in my desk getting my work done and got to say hi from my reclining chair to mostly everyone who would walk through my office to get to theirs. Having the plant's controller pay us a daily visit was expected because I was sharing the office with the payroll supervisor.

4. Lunch! Do you include a mid-day meal on your schedule? I would always either pack a lunch or I'd go have lunch with some of my co-workers. Going out for lunch was more fun though. It was a time to mingle and have a little break from work stuff.

5. The workday is almost to an end and some people are starting to leave work. If you're the boss you're tying up a few last things with your team, or you're boss called you to the office to summarize the day and review what's ahead before everyone leaves home. You're either contemplating the gym, laundry, preparing dinner, or..

6. Making plans to meet a friend, your significant other at your favourite happy hour spot in San Diego in University Heights. You know I know what place you're thinking about now, if not my plan to get in your subconscious didn't work. The day ain't over until is over, or you go to sleep.

7. Because today is Thursday, you can summon 3 more of your friends and come to Cueva and enjoy our 1/2 off bottles of wine Thirsty Thursday special. Maybe you're planning dinner at home? Well, you can take advantage of this special too on any wine available at Cueva Bar and take a couple of bottles home since it's basically two for one on all bottles of wine. Trader Joes or Costco Wines are good and have an unmatchable price for sure. At the same time, the wines we offer at Cueva Bar are unique, many local options and small family-owned and operated.

There you go. See, Google and many people in the world of internet advertising and marketing say working on a webpage SEO's is key to be found online and writing jibberish is not enough anymore (it used to be enough). Now we really have to get creative and make sense on our message. The bots nowadays are smarter and can tell when a writer is actually adding tangible copy.

Is important you know everything we do at Cueva Bar is to serve you better and I really would like to see feedback from you. If you feel we could do better, is very likely we can, so share your thoughts with us. Afterall, Cueva Bar is all of us. I am just the guy working hard to bind everything we do so we can offer you the best experience, and everyone that supports us.

Lastly, here's a video of Kelly's slater best moments mixed with a little music from one of my favorite bands. May your Thursday be like that first wave you've ever rode:

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