August Wine Club Tasting and Business Hours

That time has come once again. In just one week from tomorrow we'll be gathering at Cueva Bar for our monthly installment of wine tasting.

If you haven't had a chance to join us I want to invite you to give it a try. I personally make sure we offer at least two wines that will satisfy your palate, and two wines that will help you expand your taste buds flavor recognition and possibly will challenge what you might expect about certain wines from certain regions. To sign up go here:

This time I think I will be offering complimentary pizza for everyone attending the tasting, so, wait no more, click on the link above because there is limited seating, and the best thing of all.. it's only $5!

Once in a while guests come in to Cueva Bar for tapas and drinks after 9 PM but before 10 PM and they leave wondering why we are not taking any more tables at that time, sometimes with a sad face, sometimes they seem disappointed, and sometimes they even seem upset. If this happened to you before, I hear you and understand how you might have felt confused because you might have read we're open until 10PM.

These is the deal. Public directories don't allow us to list on our business profiles that we take our last seating at 9 PM. If we post we close at 9PM, then potential guests would stop trying to come in by 8:30 PM, so for now our hours operation say open from 4PM until 10PM. This is partly true. If you come in say at 8:59 PM, by the time you enjoy tapas and possibly drinks the time on the clock would mark the 22:30 hours on average. So you see, we are in fact open until 10:30 PM, sometimes.

Why do we do this? For years we would wait until 10PM to stop seating guests but the years have thought us at Cueva Bar that people aren't just casually walking through the neighborhood, not through the few 4-5 blocks in which Cueva Bar is located after 8 PM. Those we see walking by are walking their dog before going to sleep, or quickly passing by on an evening run. That would mean the kitchen team was basically done cleaning, standing around with nothing to do, and we would be in the front of the house just waiting, all glasses clean, all tables clean, hoping people would walk in. For years, no guest would come for tapas and drinks in average after 8:30 PM, and that's is still the case but of course there are outliers.

At one point we even did a late night happy hour staying open past 12 AM. Yet again, the amount of guests looking for our hidden spot weren't enough to support our business. As many of you know us at Cueva Bar, we embrace change and adaptation as our strategy for business survival. The more hours our team works, the higher the payroll cost, regardless if we have sales or not.

What if our business were located in the heart of the University Heights business district? Well, that'd be a different story, one of which I can't write about but I know we would definitely need a bigger team and longer working hours to cover staying open until 1:30 AM.

So, to keep a balance for everyone at Cueva Bar and the business itself, is how we arrived at being open for five days a week opening at 4PM and taking our last table at 9PM.

Believe me, or not, is a tricky situation because we want to serve and connect with more people, there is no doubt about it. The same way those who work at a company are ensuring they do a good job to keep their job, I must continue to find ways to make it happen for everyone at Cueva Bar. I am looking ahead to the next 10 years in business so that we continue to creating happy moments together.

Peace, love, and prosperity to you all.

P.S. Here's an oldie but goodie video my good friend Jarnard Sutton did with us:

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