Cueva Bar's Wine Club

For years many of you have asked us if you can take the delicious wines we serve at Cueva Bar with you. The answer now is yes. Even better, we are starting the funnest, and most accesible wine club in San Diego. It took us five years to get through hoops and challenges from a neighbor who contested our license to sell wine to go. That's in the past and Jo and I have been meticulously writing and setting the plan on how to drive this fan focused wine club. Simple, easy, and with a couple of options, you'll have the chance to preview the wines, taste the wines and make one out of two choices. These are the basic details:

1. Sign up for our newsletter that includes information about the wines we are choosing each month.

2. If you're ready to buy your monthly package, we're ready for you

3. Wether you want to taste so you can make up your mind, or just because you want to preview the wines you're getting and mingle in our all inclusive community, come to our wine tastings being held every first Saturday of the month.

4. After you've made your order, come pick up your wines on the second Saturday of the month.

That's it! It is that easy!

Are you ready? Sign up here, and we hope to see you soon at Cueva Bar to enjoy delectable wines, the tastiest tapas in San Diego, and one of a kind all inclusive and cozy environment.

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