How is it going?

I hope this blog update finds you well and that you're coping with staying home ok. As many find more time to do the things they've wanted to do, I myself tied to Cueva Bar Cafe more than before. The momentum we've build in the almost ten years came to a full halt, just like a train when it arrives to a station at a small town but this time it happened because someone pulled the emergency brake. Uncertainty fills my thoughts accompanied by constant steering into thoughts of hope. I know that dweling in that which I can't control keeps me stuck righ there, spinning my wheels with pointless thoughts of awe and misfortune. Then I remember that life is not always about butterlflies and beautiful colored flowers but that sometimes the rain comes with its clouds covering the rays of sun. But even the rain and the clouds go away to yet again reveal the warm sun.

Besides figuring out how to keep the ship floating in this turbulent waters I am uploading quick 5-minute stillness meditations on Instagram @cuevabarcafe as well as daily live streams on Cueva Bar Cafe's youtube channel. Make sure to connect with me on one of these channels and I hope you're up for the meditation and other challenges I plan to share in there.

Now, onto food matters.

As I must continue moving forward, I've commenced morphing the menu with some new options like our mole revoltijo and the jambalaya revoltijo. Think of them as a fried rice inspired dish made with Thai rice, veggies, a protein, and a sauce. I've also added a salad inspired from one of Jo's lunch last week. WE are still offering 15% off for all take out orders, $20 bottles of wine and our sangria! That's right. We are now offering the famous Cueva Bar Cafe's sangria to go!

I hope we continue to receive your support even though are not a sit down place for who knows how long this coronavirus lockdown will last. As we continue to adjust to this new way of doing business we've updated our hours of operation as follows:


11 AM - 1 PM

4 PM -8 PM

Stay safe, healthy and strong!


TEL 619-269-6612

2123 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

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