It's a Chef's life.

I'll tell ya! The Guac Tower has its effect on our fans! I never imagined other people would love a good guac as much as I love my guac! I feel humbled to connect with other people through food, and specially through our Guac Tower. All I have to do is put out on social media or a mail blast and some people respond to the roll call quite quickly! Sometimes not quick enough because they come in, ask for the guac tower and by then we're already 86'd.

I can tell you is not quite your typical guacamole, but definitely inspired from my family's influence from the numerous reunions and barbecues held almost every weekend.

This week I've had the opportunity to host many familiar faces. Long time fans as well as many new arrivals and the story with with the Guac tower remains constant. Almost every table that we attend to orders this Mexican tapa or, botana as we call it in Mexico, that by 6 or 7 o'clock we are out of it.

So what does a chef's life look like? It is not boring, that I can say. From my morning routine with yoga, power hour, breakfast with the family and then to the office (my dinning room table, or the backyard), mid day meditation and then ACTION JACKSON!

Time flies when you're having fun and not looking at the clock and not every day is the same. I might have the same or similar daily goals in mind, many of which are aimed at the monthly, yearly and life long goals, but there are so many elements that change with the time of year. Sometimes I've gotta plan for caterings, events, and lately our monthly wine tastings for our wine club.

Every day I think food, more food, tapas this, tapas that, what new tapas I can come up with, or bring back? What other restaurants in San Diego and around the world are doing, specially now that our focus to use locally grown produce is stronger than ever!

Keeping up with change is applied every day.

Honestly I really don't miss the corporate human resources job because I was so efficient at it I had to figure out ways to stay busy, and that is not fun. Getting bored is not a problem running my own business.

I see many people out there recording or showing everything they do on social media and if you think I post a lot, think again. I can't keep up with some chefs or influencers on instagram. But tell me, would you like to see me cutting my toe nails? Having life convos with my family, cleaning up around the house or at Cueva? I don't think so, and even if I wanted I don't want to make the time to put all that out there. If I had a personal assistant maybe I'd share some more. Either way, posting on social media is a full time job I am not ready to take on. The things I can share with you must be experienced in person, like the tapas we prepare at Cueva Bar, or even the food I prepare at home. The ambiance, the company, the smell and all those physical elements in life must be experienced firsts hand and are hard to transfer through the eye of the camera.

One night this week I stopped by Soichi Sushi our next door neighbor for a beer. Little did I know I'd end up sampling chef Soichi's creations. I had the chance to try 5 of the nigiri options on his menu and holy mole guacamole! It as some of the most delicious fish creations I've had in my whole life! So please take in consideration making a reservation in the near future and pay them a visit simply because chef Soichi, his family and his team will create an experience like no other.

My life as a chef is unusual I think. Unlike many chefs out there, I am not just in charge of everything food and managing the kitchen. Thankfully Chef Mel is a great sous chef and helps me tremendously to create an atmosphere where team work really makes the dream work. Besides managing the menu, the team, the specials, the maintenance and all those things that keep a kitchen going, I am also responsible for keeping the wine club going. The only partner that helps me with maintenance of our dinning room is Jo who like her father, is an awesome handy woman. She can fix anything!

Running a wine club? That includes setting up appointments to taste wine and then choosing which wines I want to offer at Cueva Bar. Easy task? A part of it is easy, the managing and maintaining part is the one that takes time, naturally. One must make notes, update orders, update member's profile, etc. What I am really excited to share is that we continue to feature local San Diego wines, like Vesper Vineyards, Stehleon Vineyards, Hatfield Creek Vineyards, as well as a few California wines from Kita Wines that is owned and operated by the Chumash Tribe, and now most recently we got our hands on a couple of wines from El Valle de Guadalupe from Baja California, right outside Ensenada from the winery Lomita.

We're proud to share that we're always looking for wines on our wine list are of the denomination natural, small batch production, and that follow practices that are kind to nature and the environment. This wouldn't be possible of course without the wine reps I get to work on week by week who are also passionate about delicious wine made by people who also care about the environment.

One thing is for sure. Being a chef at Cueva Bar is one of the best decisions I've taken in life after marrying Jo, deciding to be a parent, and moving to San Diego.

Cueva Bar in San Diego California offers a fusion tapas inspired menu with plenty of omnivore, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Our happy hour is from Tuesday to Saturday from 4pm to 6pm. Happy hour offerings are $2 off all food on menu and $3 off all drinks by the glass.

We're located in the eclectic University Heights neighborhood.

The team:

Jo: Co-founder/Corporate.

Oz: Co-founder/Executive Chef.

Mel: Sous Chef.

FOH: , Ghaidan

BOH: Patty, Nick

About the author:

I chef Oz write these blogs. I am a home cook gone pro when my wife Jo and I decided to open Cueva Bar, a fusion tapas bar and restaurant in San Diego California. I am passionate about offering a space where people gather for a good time, and to enjoy mindfully prepared tapas, made with love and passion by our culinary team. I'm all about inclusive peace, love, mutual respect, unity, kindness and compassion under the sun with liberty and justice for all.

Let tapas bring us together!


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