It smells like kerosene.

Today I had the opportunity to hang out and taste wines with Lauren Koenig from Copa Fina Miguel, Wine maker at Lafken.

Miguel Besoaín is a viticulturist, winemaker and oenologist from the Maipo region of Chile (near Santiago). He has his PhD in oenology from University of Dijon in Burgundy, and is one of our most hands on winemakers in our portfolio. He hand-crafts his own barrels, and we lovingly/jokingly refer to his winery as Frankensteins laboratory. 

The wines were simply amazing and delicious.

On Wednesdays, we taste wine and record the tasting. It's fun learning about wine, specially if the learning comes directly from the winemakers. If you would like to be a guest, please send us an email.

The one wine that surprised me the most was the Riesling. By wondering about the nature of the wine, I learned that Miguel went to wine school in France, and had the opportunity to work in Germany where he had the opportunity to produce Riesling.

This white wine was mind blowing. Stay tuned for November's Wine Club Tasting Release tickets because you must make sure you taste these wines.

Here's the video for today tasting if you have a few more minutes to watch:

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