One hundred thousand?

So, what first comes to mind when you see the picture included here? This is a report I get from Google for Cueva Bar Cafe's page on Google places. This same type of information is what freelancers or other individuals who work for marketing/advertising firms have used to try to sell me their products in the form of services in the past. What some of these individuals don't understand is that these numbers don't reflect the number of people that actually come to visit us. Do people find us on search engines or platforms like Google or Yelp? Yes! Many of you have found us that way, and let me know when I ask you how is that you ended up dinning at our spot, but the percentage of those who find us like Google says, versus those who actually walk through our doors looking to enjoy our food in the form of tapas, small plates, tacos, empanadas, or the short but mighty wine list and craft-brewed beers available on tap does not make such a strong case to support the effectiveness of these tools. "You're missing on getting in front of thousands of people," they say. Am I missing something? I don't think so. I've made the case to such google specialist, yelp account reps that if they believe so much in their product to come up with terms where they get paid only if they can show actual results, you know, a performance-based structure. This is why I create specials that I share through various online channels with the hope that people like you will use them when you come into the Cave. Yet, no one in the marketing/advertising industry is willing to do this, why? Because they are many people or companies out there who use these services for the first time or as an ongoing campaign. Is it too much or unrealistic to ask for tangible results so I feel the business investment is actually worth it and it will add to the ROI?


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