Return of the what?

For those of you who have known of Cueva Bar Cafe from its beginnings I've got a hint to share with you:

Can you guess what this means? While I am still working the details, I hope you stay tuned for next week's menu for take-out and delivery at Cueva Bar Cafe starting on Tuesday. I can tell you the new dish's recipe won't come out of a box if you know what I mean. Well, it will come out of a box, a vault more like it. At the same time and while it might not be the same is it used to be, I hope I can come up with a modification that makes the process simpler, but tastier.

These past two weeks have been all about survival mode. The punch in the gut two weekends ago is still hurting, and we keep taking a few jabs and hooks but thankfully no uppercuts straight to the jaw. We keep going back to our corner and re-assessing with our coach (our minds) where we can improve and how we can attack our opponent-this present world crisis- and come out winning after what seems is going to be a long, 12 round battle. I like to keep reminding myself that both Jo and I, as many of you reading this, come from a couple of generations who have gone through hardships in life because of the economy affected by different world matters like long wars, or past pandemics. WE-WILL-GET-THROUGH-THIS-TOGETHER.

What you see on the left is a memory courtesy of Jane who's a San Diego Blogger under the name of "This Tasty Life". I remember when she stopped by Cueva with her husband. They enjoyed some of our lunch/brunch items from a few years ago. As you can see, we used to offer a Mac N' Five Cheeses with the addition of brisket, chorizo, or plain.

Lastly, last night right before I got swamped with orders I was on a video call with my parents and younger brother. When I shared with them about the dishes we are offering nowadays, they asked me if I had a Mexican inspired pizza to which I reply, no. During the call, I got inspired to create a different kind of pizza, one that sets me apart from the norm as I like to always do and came up with this chicken mole pizza. In it: mole, chicken, poblanos, cotija cheese and red pickled onions. It is still a work in progress, but you get the idea.


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