Soy Chilango

So today was just another Wednesday at Cueva Bar Cafe with less than 1/3 of our capacity available seating. Great day. Beautiful weather, not hot at all. The sun showed up its face a little bit during my workout. I gotta say, by the time I was working out I had a good sweat going on. I chased my son telling him I was going to hug him so he would pay for all the times he didn't want to help with his chores and that me hugging him would put him at a clean slate.

Once at Cueva Bar it was go time, lets get ready and hopefully we'll have a few people come in. We had two reservations of 4 people cancelled 1 hour or two before their time. Thankfully, Susan stopped by, as well as a couple who called ahead asking for seating.

We received one Grubhub order and now I am here sitting in the patio writing ths blog.

Thankfully, we like to make good use of our time so I've been revising systems, recipes, and finding out what else we can do since we don't have customers.

When taking the check to Susan, she asked me if I had watched LOOKING FOR MR. SUGARMAN. I said no but now I am curious, so this might be the film I make time to watch this weekend. All this came up because of the Jazz tunes that were playing on the speaker. I shared with Susan about the "Local Chop" underground lounge like in Harrisonburg Virginia, Corey, Chris and I used to frequent for happy hour on Fridays.

Sitting outside I saw three couples walking by. Two of these couples didn't even bother to look over while passing by Cueva. One of the couple stopped by only after I asked the guy a question about the Pumas emblem on his light jacket. "A Pumas fan I see" I said. He responded, "Si, soy del chilango, del DF, Pumas is my team, unless there's someone in the kitchen who is a fan of Del America", as he pointed to the kitchen door from Soichi's. The funny thing is the guy who does the dishes at Soichis is in fact a die hard America's fan, you know, the soccer team from Mexico City.

Immediately after that couple left and went in to Soichi's, another couple walked by and I realized they spoke Spanish with an accent that also sounded like they were chilangos. This time I didn't get to say hi as they just walked by looking ahead towards the U-Haul.

I asked my self, are there more Mexicans moving into the neighborhood?

We sold a couple of mollete picsas, a pepperoni pizza, some empanadas and a couple of bottles of wine.

I've got a family, they're healthy and well. I get to work, we had some guests come through. Today was a good day.

About the author:

I chef Oz write these blogs. I am a home cook gone pro when my wife Jo and I decided to open Cueva Bar Cafe in San Diego California. I am passionate about offering a space where people gather for a good time, and to enjoy mindfully prepared food, made with love and passion by our culinary team. I'm all about inclusive peace, love, mutual respect, unity, kindness, and compassion under the sun with liberty and justice for all.

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