Start your own empanada business from home.

If you're wondering about the picture on the left you're not alone. I searched for empanada pictures in a data base of stock images and this is one of the few pictures that appeared depicting a flour tortilla, rather than an empanada.

So, the other day I thought I would make and bake empanadas at home. Using Cueva Bar Cafe's award winning recipe as a guide, and with minor changes I simply kept the recipe handy for reference, I let go and crossed my hands behind my head, once comfortable I reached out to grab the auricular and dialed in.

First I decided to change the oil and water ratio and as I was looking for stuffing ingredients in the fridge, my eyes searching around met eyes with the yellow and blue carton container. It wasn't milk or butter, it was better! It was buttermilk!

I leaned in and I grabbed the liquid part for my recipe and directed myself towards the mixing table at home. Jo and I had this wooden part cutting table with the other half as a shelf with wheels that Jo found at Ikea when we lived the the one bedroom condo that Jo's older sister Salma let us live until we were able to find a bigger place. Speaking of IKEA furniture. Did you ever see the square looking shelves where we keep the wine and beer glasses? That's right. IKEA too.

Moving on to the reason why you began reading this blog.

Below you'll find the most recent empanada recipe that I developed. Is delicious. Do you want to consult in changing to fit a certain dietary need? Send me an email and we'll set up a google meeting so I can give you a hand. What will you stuff it with before you bake it? Take some pics and send them to me or post the on social media. Make sure to tag us.

I hope you enjoy it at home with friends or family. If you use it to start your own empanada business from home because everyone loves empanadas, seriously, please reach out.

RECIPE: Empanada dough

2 cup Flour (measured & sifted)

1/4 extra cup flour ( save for dusting & kneading)

1/2 cup Extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp Iodized salt

½ c buttermilk


In a stand mixer with a paddle attachment (or by hand in a bowl), mix all ingredients in the following order until dough comes together. 5 minutes with a machine or 10 minutes by hand. If it is a little sticky, remember you have extra flour to finish the work. Use only a little bit of flour at at time until you obtain a semi smooth consistency.

  • Flour

  • Salt and baking powder

  • Oil

  • buttermilk

Cover with plastic wrap & rest at room temperature till it’s time to roll out. Dough should not be elastic.

The pictures below are from my empanadas baked at home. The ones we bake at Cueva Bar Cafe bake different and take less time to bake because we use a convection oven.

About the author:

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