We're looking for people who like to enjoy food and drinks around the table, or bar.

How's your Wednesday going? You know, there is still time to come to Cueva Bar and enjoy or Wine Wednesday deal of happy hour rosé all night until we close.

So here I leave you with a new tune Randy and I came up with. We never practice, we just meet, warm up our fingers and in the chat of the day we come up with a subject we can sing and jam together. In this edition of Wine Wednesday, we taste a French Blend, not jammy at all, even with its medium body like qualities, is smooth and easy to drink. Randy seemed to love this one and described it as the best wine we tasted yet.

Speaking of Jam, do you like jammie wines? What does a jammie wine even mean? I think it depends on the person's palate but my main take on jammie wines is that they feel a little heavy on the mouth and leave a slight enjoyable after taste. Wine folly describes it as: "In wine, jammy indicates a wine with a cooked berry sweetness that is syrupy and often is used to describe American wines like zinfandel, grenache, cabernet franc".

So, jammy or not here's this new blues jam. Hope your head bangs to it.

Would you like being a guest at one of our tastings? You know what to do, either let me know next time you're at Cueva Bar or send us an email and I'll put you down on the guest list and coordinate with you so you can accompany us. You play an instrument and would like to try jamming with us? Let me know too. We've got plenty of guitars, even a ukulele if you want to give it a try. Bonus? You get to try wines that are at Cueva or we are thinking about introducing down the road.

Cueva Bar is my approach to the concept of Tapas with an essence of Mexican cuisine, known for continuous reinvention and embracing evolution, where food is prepared in a cosy, relaxed and inclusive atmosphere without the white table cloth element, just a purely human relationship fostered by those who dine in the all are welcomed University Heights neighbourhood gem.

Letting the inspiration flow and keeping balance in mind, I marry Mexico’s ingredients and flavours with elements from around the U.S and the world using local-organic produce and vendors to produce both delicious and healthy dishes that have little to zero impact on our environment.

Cueva Bar in San Diego California offers a fusion tapas inspired menu with plenty of omnivores, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Our happy hour is from Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Happy hour offerings are $2 off all food on the menu and $3 off all drinks by the glass.

The team:

Jo: Co-founder/Corporate.

Oz: Co-founder/Executive Chef.

Mel: Sous Chef.

FOH: Ghaidan

BOH: Patty, Nick

About the author:

I chef Oz write these blogs. I am a home cook gone pro when my wife Jo and I decided to open Cueva Bar, a fusion tapas bar and restaurant in San Diego California. I am passionate about offering a space where people gather for a good time, and to enjoy mindfully prepared tapas, made with love and passion by our culinary team. I'm all about inclusive peace, love, mutual respect, unity, kindness, and compassion under the sun with liberty and justice for all.

Let tapas bring us together!


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