What is your Throwback Thursday moment?

All I gotta do is look in the thousands of pictures I take at Cueva Bar of our tapas, tacos, empanadas, and other delicious dishes we cook or put together for our comensales. A few years ago, chef Obed and I put a delicious aguachile together, as well as a Peruvian inspired tiradito without the big corn and sweet potato. Sometimes you gotta create with what you have at hand and make it work.

As you can see, Avocados were no problem back in the Throw Back Thursdays. Avocados aren't a problem I guess but now that we have moved to a more sustainable menu it is harder to get our hands on California or Mexico avocados.

Speaking of sustainability. As a restaurant owner and operator, being part of a community that cares about knowing where their food comes from. Most farms have a minimum monetary amount one must order to have it delivered to the restaurant. The challenge comes because we don't have the volume sales to support big orders or the space to host so much produce and other ingredients. In this case, most of the times either Jo or myself have to drive to the farmer's market or pick up points to get the produce we need to prepare our tapas, tacos or empanadas back to Cueva Bar. Thankfully there is Specialty Produce, a local San Diego produce and many other food-related things purveyor. Best of all, they feature some of the farms that I like to get our veggies and fruits from. This type of activity makes no sense to me. The reason is, these farms receive orders from various restaurants so why not make another stop and ad the cost of delivering a box of carrots, or squashes to the bill? Especially when such delivery truck is driving through Adams Avenue which is where we are located. How long does it take to stop and drop a box? No more than five minutes. So, sustainability huh? How are more cars driving around make it a sustainable environment? I don't know but the same organizations (farms, farmers) who say they "care about the environment" aren't adjusting to small business like Cueva Bar trying to do what seems best for our economy, and most importantly, the environment.

Also, running a small business comes with challenges when it comes to sourcing wine. Small spaces don't have a wine cellar or the room to store loads of wine. Those that do can order in such quantities that drive the price they pay down significantly. Just the other day, a wine rep shared with me wineries get mad if we don't order a minimum of two cases. Imagine me telling you when you come to Cueva that you need to order two glasses so I can pour them and serve them to you? So I sent a message back to the wineries and said: "I can't order two cases of your wine at a time, but if your wine is good and our fans love it, we will order this wine for months at a time". Oh, and we do.

So, what is your understanding of sustainability? Share your thoughts with us. Let's have a conversation and make our San Diego a city that's good and sustainable for all its citizens.

Bringing back to #throwbackthursday I leave you with a phrase from one of my favourite 90's artist:

"And what it all boils down to, is that no one's really got it figured out just yet" ~ Alanis Morissette


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