Which of these tacos do you want to eat?

Tacos are good, they contain lots of vitamins and protein and lots of nutrients your body needs. Tacos bring people together. Tacos were a thing back in the long, long day when tribes of Aztecs and Mayans roamed America. Even your soul will feel satisfied after eating tacos, ask Lebron James.

To be honest, I didn't even know Taco Tuesday was a thing until after the Lego came out with the LEGO movie.

The most memorable time I remember about tacos is that story I told a while ago when my dad took me to tacos Lira in Monclova for tacos de barbacoa de res. Oh my gosh. I can still see the pictures in my mind. It was early morning, the sun had not even come out yet so I guess it was during wintertime that my dad decided we'd go on an early morning for breakfast tacos before he dropped me off at school. I was filled with questions about the setup and the big pot where the meat was being pulled from covered with pencas de maguey. The speed at which they chopped the soft meat leaving little pieces of meat flying was amusing, at least to me, I was six. So, anytime I've got enough time to cook fresh tortillas at home and make breakfast tacos I have to get in the kitchen at least 30 minutes before we start cooking what's going to go on the tacos. The masa must be prepared a little bit ahead of time and let to rest before it gets pressed onto a circle of dough that will later cook in a hot pan until it bubbles up on both sides leaving marks of charr.

So, today is Tuesday. Did you know we are still offering Taco Tuesday deals? When we started the Taco Tuesday special all tacos used to be on happy hour, and we used to serve two smaller tacos using Pancho's tortillas. But that had to stop because we didn't have enough room to keep up with the flows of fans that wanted two of everything. This caused all other food and tapas to slow down. A change was made and we began to offer the chicken and vegetarian tacos on happy hour. Then we decided to start cooking our own tortilla, bigger than the Panchos tortillas. Thankfully we have amazing group of people who support us (you) and are attuned to the everchanging aspect of restaurant life. Not too long ago we launched an all food and all drinks on our menu are on happy hour and in this case, today, all tacos are $2 off the listed menu price. Shrimp tacos, vegetarian tacos and chicken tacos, are all guaranteed to treat your palate like it should.

Now, for being a Cueva Bar supporter and stopping by to read our blogs, here is a preview of tomorrow's Wine Wednesday video Randy (The Guitars or Cueva) and I love doing every week. Sit back, grab a glass of wine, roll a joint and enjoy:


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