Produce varies each week. Specialty produce writes a blot where they describe what you can expect in your box. Click here to to stay up to date with the next delivery which will happen on May 7.

Orders must be put in by Wednesday at midnight

Farmer's Market CSA Box

  • What is the Farmers' Market Box?

    Local and sustainably sourced produce from over a dozen California farms each week.


    When can I pick up my box?

    2pm-3pm, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
    Boxes are assembled/packaged on Wednesday afternoons and stored in a large cooler. 
    Note : If you are part of a distribution group, your pick-up time will vary.


    Is the Farmers Market Box Organic?

    No. We do not guarantee that all the produce in our Farmers Market Box is organic, although some of the farms we source from may be organically certified. We do guarantee that the produce in our Farmers Market Juicing Bag is certified organic and registered within our organics program.


    How do I order a box?

    In our dinner packs page. The deadline to order a box is Sunday at midnight to place an order for pickup the following Thursday/Friday/Saturday. 


    How do I pay?

    All purchases are pre-pay by credit card, through our online ordering system!

    Do I have to log in each week to order?

    No! You can order up to 4 weeks at a time. The pricing of the products provided by our partners will change from week to week, and will be noted in their respective columns.


    How will I know what is in the box?

    Our Farmers' Market program is a blind buy, filled with what our farmers are able to harvest that week. On the Wednesday before pick up, Specialty Produce  will upload a video and blog post the letting you know what will be in your box that week. You can sign up for text message and email alerts that will send you the link to these videos under your profile contact preferences or you can visit the @specialtyproduce_experience Instagram feed or our youtube feed at
    For more information and recipes visit Specialty Produce at


    Where do I pick up my box?

    Cueva Bar Cafe
    2123 Adams Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92116
    Customer Parking : Street Parking

    What if I still have a question?

    Please call us at 619-269-6612 or email at


TEL 619-269-6612

2123 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

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