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I came here with my friend off a whim and we were so pleasantly surprised with 1. How great the food was and 2. How homey this place felt. I can’t remember his name but the gentleman was so friendly, from the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out. This establishment prides itself on giving everyone who walks in the neighbor feel. My friend actually lives two blocks away and he yelled out “neighbor” but didn’t exclude me. He took care of my dairy allergy, he was attentive and we loved listening to all the conversations he had with all the other guests. This place was great, get the empanada! We’ll be back!

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Maldonado Jaime

Jul 29, 2017

Was really impressed with the great quality of food but too bad for the poor customer service ruined my experience for the evening. Place was not packed at all in the restaurant and yet could not get the waitress or waiter to ask if we needed more food or more wine or have my glass of water refilled. I had to ask each time for the waitres each time we needed assistance. I left restaurant thirsty and not happy at all how poorly we were treated, but food was great but will not returning again. Happy returning customers need good customer service, good food and fair prices for them to come back! Too bad you guys struck out in good customer service.


Jul 31, 2017

Mr. Maldonado,
It sucks that you feel this way. It is our daily goal at Cueva Bar to offer a good enjoyable experience with both the food and the service. We believe both food and service go hand in hand. As such, all of us at the front of the house feel confused by your feedback. During your visit at Cueva we visited your table not just one, or twice, but a few times checking in to make sure you were having a good time. Every time we visited your table we asked and/or offered if there was anything else we could get for you or your wife. Even almost at the end, when Salam check on you again is when you both asked for the bread pudding as your last dish.

In regards to drinks (not water) we don't like asking directly to our customers if they want wine or beer as we feel it might be too pushy, and we believe our guests will request additional drinks when we ask them if there's anything else we can get for them. (which we did, at least two times each of us in the front of the house).

In regards to water, it is the law in California that water is only served when the guest asks for it. This law passed a couple of years ago due to our recent drought. We even exchanged a good laughs about having to change my language from English to Spanish with between tables.

We hope you and your wife will give Cueva Bar another chance and know that anyone working at Cueva Bar works hard to offer a great experience to all of our guests.

Best regards,

Oz Blackaller
Executive Chef/Owner.

I met with friends here for a wine tasting and Oz provided a great and educational presentation of wine. The wines were absolutely delicious, I fell in love with a sparkling red wine from Italy. The vegan mole was spicy and good, the vegan pizza was amaaaaaazing, and the mushroom kabobs were good. It's a snug and cozy space with a bar and some tables behind the bar.

We parked on the street and walked here.

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"Beautiful restaurant with amazing food and wine. I have no idea how i have just heard about this wonderful place but I cannot wait to be back and introduce others to its magic." Sara G.

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